MEP Hangers only works with native Revit MEP elements (Pipes, Ducts, Cable Trays, Conduits) and fabrication parts.

‘Replace IFC’ can convert the ‘Ducts’ and ‘Pipes’ category elements from an IFC file to native Revit elements. For this command to work, MEP elements from the IFC file must maintain a consistent cross section (circular, rectangular or oval) through the length. ‘Replace IFC’ doesn’t work on fittings or accessories.


1. Select the linked IFC file in the project and use Revit’s ‘Bind Link’ command.

Bind Link

2. After that, the IFC link becomes a Model Group element. ‘Ungroup’ to continue.


3. Run the ‘Replace IFC Ducts’ or ‘Replace IFC Pipes’ command, select the respective elements in the project, and hit Esc when finished. Selected elements are now converted to native Revit ducts or pipes.

Replace IFC Ducts

IFC pipe or duct elements with insulation sometimes come as a single IFC element when exported with software other than Revit. For that reason, you can specify insulation thicknesses in ‘Replace IFC Configuration’. Selected pipes or ducts will now be converted to smaller sizes by subtracting these insulation thickness values. 

Replace IFC Configuration