How to add a new (custom) classification system

Adding a classification system of your own to ICS is not difficult, though you do need administrator status. Step-by-step instructions are below.

    1. In the ICS menu, click “Add New System”
    2. Enter a title for the classification system
    3. Enter an identifying code for the system
    4. Enter a version name or number
    5. Enter a description of the classification
    6. Add moderators for the system if needed
    7. Click the  button

The new classification system will be created and added to the level for which you are an administrator.

Click the  button change the system’s status as public or hidden, or to modify its title, code, version or description.

If you want to delete the system, click the  button.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you make a copy of your system before deleting it. BIMAXON ICS does not have a trash bin or other options to recover deleted systems!