Before working with Create/Edit Legend feature, please select the sample block from the created legend view: 


Elements of selected category are  grouped together in a tree where the user can create a legend only for the selected family or family type. 
In the Selected Parameters tab user can choose the parameters to create the legend.  These parameters later can be used to configure grouping.

Data can by easily exported to Excel with Export to Excel

          Select Categories - a list of possible categories from the project that             can be used in the legend.

Available Items – all possible parameters of the selected category/categories:

  • Group (BID Grouping) – additional parameters that are not in the usual parameter list;

Common parameters – shows only common parameters if different categories are selected.

Selected Items – all selected parameters. Parameters can be added to this list using Add button, and removed using Remove button. The order of parameters can be adjusted using Move Up and Move Down buttons.



  • If “Total” checkbox is unticked, then the values are not summed. For example, one type of wall has different lengths in the project, so the value is displayed as “Varies”.
  • If “Total” checkbox is ticked, then the values are summed. If one type of wall has different or the same lengths in the project, then the values will be summed.  

Hide – parameters are hidden if this checkbox is ticked. In this case parameters can be used for filtering or grouping but it will not be displayed in the final legend view;

Split by page – parameters that are used for splitting the elements into different legend views. If this checkbox is ticked, then the elements belonging to this category will be in one legend view.

Configure Grouping  a list of parameters which is controlled in “Select Parameters”. For example if “Width”, “Family” and “Type” are selected in “Configure Grouping”, then the elements can be expanded, filtered and quantified by these parameters. 

Add Row Number - adds an additional parameter displaying row number.

Add Grand Totals - adds a final column/row where element values are summed into a grand total. 

Legend Page Data additional properties for splitting the table through different legend pages (views).Number of Rows – number of element rows in the dialog;

Number of Pages number of pages to fit the information in;

Rows per Page – the number of rows that will be displayed in one legend page (view). If “Split by Pageis ticked in “Select Parameters”, this value will be disabled. It also includes separately created pages according to the "Select Parameters" dialog settings - "Split by page".

Create Rows/Columns – creates an array of sample entities depending on direction (vertical or horizontal expansion), distance and selected parameters. Parameter names will be displayed as text. Parameter values (Empty) will be displayed in the place of generic annotation. During this step parameter names and design can be changed by the user. 

Create Legend Table

Vertical sample block:

Create Rows/Columns