Dynamic Legend is the Autodesk Revit® extension that allows you to quickly create, modify and update legends for Revit® element categories. In the legend view, you can create specification tables with the parameters applied. The tool also splits specification tables across the sheet, allows multiple views of any element (including real pictures), and works with linked projects.


Easily create legends of any Revit family category

  • Quickly group and sort elements in your legends
  • Update all legends in one click


Dynamic Legend is an advanced solution for the fast and automatic creation of legends of Revit elements in a project. The software's simple interface makes it easy to set parameters according to user needs, and afterward create legends in a few clicks. Legends can be easily modified, updated, or recreated at any time.


Ideal for:

Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers

Increase productivity by saving time on tasks that can be done automatically. Dynamic Legend tool will automatically create all required legends according to user needs.

Powerful features:


  • Automatically creates legends according to set parameters and template legend
  • Possibility to show one or more views of objects in legend
  • Possibility to add real images of objects in legends
  • Easily created both vertical or horizontal listing legend
  • Possibility to combine different family categories into one legend
  • Automatically splits legend into several pages
  • Has various grouping and sorting possibilities
  • Works with linked projects
  • Convenient dialog allows finding and grouping elements, also filtering and analyzing legend data before creation.