A new version of the TOOLS4BIM Dock ( was released on the 19th of April, 2022. From now on, it will be easier to install, activate, and deactivate CNC Exporters via the TOOLS4BIM Dock.

Please note that existing users have to follow the steps below in order to ensure a smooth reinstallation of the add-on. 

Note: Instructions are valid for all types of licenses.

Note for new CNC Exporter users: Activation of new licenses follows the usual process (SLM, NLM).

Uninstall CNC Exporter MSI

Before installing a CNC Exporter via the Dock, you must uninstall the current CNC Exporter version. 

To do that, right-click the Windows logo > 'Apps and Features' > Locate the Exporter > Click the 3 vertical dots > Uninstall:

Install & activate CNC Exporter

1. Launch Revit and open any project.

2. Open the Dock via the TOOLS4BIM Dock tab in the Revit ribbon > Show Dock.

3. Update the Dock to the latest version (if the Dock is already updated, proceed to step 5):

4. Restart Revit to start using the updated version. 

5. Navigate to the Dock. To install an active CNC Exporter, click the Product > Install: