Manage Sheets function creates new sheets according to user created template. Before starting to work with the Manage Sheets tool, at least one sheet for a template has to be made:


Elements of selected category are conveniently grouped together in a tree where the user can filter them by any configurable criterions. Criterions can be selected with “Configure Grouping”.The list of all existing sheets with its parameters. Parameters can be selected with “Select Parameters”. These parameters can be used as configurable criterions. In this case, they are displayed like yellow columns (“Sheet Number”, “Sheet Name”, “Scale”).

  • Available Parameters – all possible sheets parameters.
  • Group (BID Grouping) – additional parameters that are not on usual parameter list.
  • Filter by specific parameter can be found by parameter name.
  • Common parameters – shows only common parameters of sheets.

Configure Grouping

The sheets can be grouped together in a tree.

If “Sheet Number”, “Sheet Name” and "Scale" are selected in Configure Grouping, then the elements can be expanded, filtered and quantified by these parameters.

The list of parameters comes from “Select Parameters”.

Create New Sheets

Creates new sheets according to the template. Template is an existing sheet with views. Press right–click on the “template” sheet:

Choose a view to insert to a new sheet:

Choose a view settings to include with the view:

Choose to include other view components (legends, sections, 3D view, schedules etc.) into the sheet. Ticking "Group Views by type" you will unfold all the view selected:

The new sheets are created. By clicking OK, the new sheets will be successfully added to already the Manage Sheet window:

Other right-click functions:

  • Select Column – selects all column values.
  • Sort – sorts the values in accessing order for selected parameters.
  • Filter by Selected Data – filters sheets according to the selected values.
  • Distinct Values in Column – shows different values of selected columns at a separate convenient dialog where user can apply the filter by selecting values.
  • Remove All Filters – removes all filters.
  • Copy to Clipboard – copies the selected values to clipboard. 

Manage Sheets options:

  • Duplicate Sheet – duplicates the selected sheet.
  • Update Scale – writes scale values, even if the sheet has views with different scales (ex: 1:100, 1:200).
  • Rename Sheet as View Name – renames sheet name the same as view name on that sheet.