The TOOLS4BIM Dock license manager is not showing network licenses, even after the correct path to the license server has been set and connection has been successfully verified:


Check end user’s workstation to see if 1.dat and 2.dat files are present in this folder called 0, based on your Revit version:   

C:\ProgramData\AGA-CAD\TOOLS 4 BIM\2023\53c29eba2b0b6b82ca9ce5e68a3c4aa28ddbdb24\0


C:\ProgramData\AGA-CAD\TOOLS 4 BIM\2022\fbd83b2a22361123be5026a0697ef8771f772349\0

C:\ProgramData\AGA-CAD\TOOLS 4 BIM\2021\a5315092db41a6ded59d9608def8bfc47accd52\0

C:\ProgramData\AGA-CAD\TOOLS 4 BIM\2020\6981cdc4e1ebd4ae8c31d470bda7a697d17264b1\0

Delete those files. 

After restarting Revit, the license will be available.