Could not connect to the server.


Please check if your license server is up and running. Try to load this page with any browser: http://YourLicenseServer:2468/web 

Make sure that the correct license server is set in the Dock license manager. For example, http://ServerName:8731.

You should check if the license server service called is running. If it is running, try to restart the server. There are two ways:

1st way:

You can find in Task Manager in the Services tab:

2nd way:

Run command (Win+R) type services.msc
You need to find the service called 'Software Potential Distributor' and restart it.

Please check to ensure that an antivirus program is not blocking Slps.Disributor.Host.exe file:

Some antivirus programs are known for high rates of false-positive quarantine. AGACAD can assure you that Slps.Disributor.Host.exe file is safe and does not contain any viruses. 

Please remove the .exe file from the quarantine and make an exception for this file or path: C:\Program Files (x86)\AGA-CAD Network Licence Server

In case the license server is still not accessible, navigate to programs and features > locate AGACAD license server and select Uninstall.

Download and install the latest version from here: NetworkLicenseServer.msi 

In case the same problem occurs, make sure that Software Potential Distributor service called Slps.Distributor.Host is running:



Then make these changes to that service in properties (right click on Service > Properties):


It will automatically attempt to restart the service in case of failure.

If this article is not helpful, please send us the following log files from the server, as they would be helpful in identifying the causes of this issue: 


"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGA-CAD Network Licence Server\Trace.log"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGA-CAD Network Licence Server\Services\Trace.log"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGA-CAD Network Licence Server\Web\Trace.log"