Unable to update Software. Your firewall/proxy might be blocking access to our storage servers. This issue may cause the error message shown below:


Please add these addresses to the whitelist (refer to your firewall manual):


1. http://api.dock.agacad.com/public/* TOOLS4BIM Dock Appstore.

2. https://srv.softwarepotential.com/SLMServerWS/ActivationWS.svc Used for activation service. 


3. http://cdn.iv.agacad.com/*  MSI downloads, used for downloading tools MSI files via the Dock.

If you are able to load all the web pages above, try to manually download and install the latest Dock version: 






After installation, try to update/install the tools from the Dock. 

In case you get any error messages, please send us the log file from here:


C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\TOOLS 4 BIM\*REVIT VERSION*\LogT4BDock.txt