The 'Dimension to Nearest' function works differently than other measuring tabs. This one searches for elements around the element being measured.

There are two columns: one for the horizontal dimension, the other for the vertical. There are similar options in each of them:

Measure Width/Position - check it if you want to get horizontal/vertical dimension

Measure - this is the point of the measured element to which dimensions will snap. There are different options to choose from.

Search nearest - this is the direction in which you want to search for the nearest elements. Nearest elements are the Categories you select below - Walls, Floors, etc.

    Nearest - will give you the dimension to one side, to the nearest side

    On Both Sides - you will have dimensions to the left and right

    On Left - dimensions will be to the left side

    On Right - dimensions will be to the right side

Filter Nearest - choose orientation of nearest elements in the view

   Vertical Elements - for example, walls and beams in the plans, columns in the elevations

   Horizontal Elements - for example, walls and beams in the plans 

   Section - for example, grids and levels in the plans or sections, walls in the sections

Nearest Reference

   Side - refers to the nearest side of the element, for example, it will measure to the nearest side of a wall

   Center - refers to the center of the nearest element

Measure to Elements - select categories that you want the tool to search for. If wall and grids are selected, the tool will measure to the one which is closer to the measured element.

Search Distance - here you can limit the searching distance to the nearest elements.

Examples of application:

1. Fire Sprinklers in the plan view

2. Openings in the plan

3. Columns in plan

4. Foundations in plan

5. Openings in Section