Configuration Files' Location

By default, configurations are saved in C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Tools 4 Revit\EFEWood22 (or other Revit version)\Export Configuration catalog. The content from this catalog can be copied to other users' computers if needed. 

One framing configuration contains a folder and an XML file under the same name:

Export Setup

Export Setup settings where you can define CNC file locations, project information parameters, identification and marking of elements, CNC command naming, etc.

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Export Framing Element

Export Framing Element exports selected structural framing element with predefine export configuration. 

Export selected (or all) Wall/Floor/Roof Frames to CNC

Export selected (or all) Wall/Floor/Roof Frames to CNC exports selected (or all) wall, floor or roof frames to the predefined CNC machine. CNC Exporter must be used in tandem with AGACAD Wood Framing BIM software, which creates framing elements with all the necessary geometry and information data inside the Revit project.  

Example, select a floor that has been created using Wood Framing Floor:

Select configuration and press OK:

A EZF  file is created with all information from the selected floor. This file can be now pushed to the CNC machine for production:  

Export Walls, Floors, Roofs from Schedule

Export Walls, Floors, Roofs from Schedule  exports structural framing walls, floors, roofs from the current schedule with predefine export configuration.

Export by host parameter "CNC Export Configuration"

By host parameter "CNC Export Configuration"  exports framing elements by predefined configuration in the host (wall, floor, roof).

You can select a host element, like floor Properties  Edit Type write configuration name into CNC Export Configuration parameter. 

In such case you can select many different floors and export frames using different configurations.