Configuration window

Let's go through each of the columns.

Create Detail View - turn ON so that selected view will be created when using configuration

View Count - select how many of the same view should be created

Note: In Smart Views it is not possible to have the same Type of Views, like Front, Top, etc. with the same View Templates. If you try to do that, you get this message:

To avoid that, change the View Template:

View - type of View that you want to create: Front, Top, Left, etc., plus flipped versions of vertical and horizontal sections, like Detail Section Left (B), Detail Section Back (A), and Plan Detail Up. 


View type - select view Type. This could be used to use special heads, tails for these Detail Views or using specific Type name will be easier to setup filters to show/hide them in project views.

View name - Type in the name of the view.

View Template - Select the View Template that should be used for the selected view to control visibility settings for that view.

Dimensioning Rule - Select dimensioning rules for each of the views. See more about using Smart Dimensions for auto dimensions here. You can go to dimensioning rules configuration by using the Edit Dimensioning Rules button.

Tagging Configuration - Tag elements, defined in Tagging rules

Read more about Tag configurations and menu here. 

Additional Configuration properties

Isolate Selected - hides all, except selected element.

Isolate Selected Categories - hides all, except selected categories.

Include Hosted Elements - used together with previous two options, this keeps hosted elements visible in the view.

Crop Region Visible - by default, crop view is Hidden; if you want to see it, turn this option ON.

Ignore Identical - works with Create View command. Ignores identical elements in a group of selected elements. Compares only between selected elements, not all elements in the project. E.g. - select 20 structural framing elements, select Create Views, it will create views only for unique elements.

Dimension isolated element - available only if Isolate Selected is turned on. This will apply one of the Smart Dimensions feature in all views of the isolated element. It has its own configurations. Such dimensions can't be created with general Smart Dimensions configurations.