Text Note Type - select Text Type which should be used for Notes.

Settings which have influence if you use Smart Dimensions in the view apart from Smart Assemblies:

  • Offset – offset Text Note in horizontal direction, away from dimension line.
  • Text Note Position – vertical alignment – in the center of dimension line, or above it.
  • Create Text Notes – defines if you want to create them.

Note: Offset, Position and Create - settings are not visible if you go to Smart Dimensions configurations through Dimensioning Rules of Smart Assemblies because they are overwritten by Smart Assemblies settings in Note Positioning tab, then Assembly is created.

Dimension Text formula

Here you can define what information you want to see in text note. Use Add, Remove buttons, Available Parameters, Prefix, Suffix options, and arrows to re-order them.

Text Note – simple text defined in each tab of dimensioning, for example On Front Faces

Text Note Parameter – also selected in each dimensioning tab, but here you can select different Type parameters from the element.

Quantity – it gives the number of elements: