Smart Dimensions is a tool for creating dimensions for selected elements in a View. What should be dimensioned, to where dimensions should snap, where dimension lines should be located – everything is defined in Configurations. Smart Dimensions can be used as a separate tool, or it can be incorporated into Shop Drawing Configurations.

1. Smart Dimensions in Shop Drawing Configurations:

Use Smart Dimensions Configuration checkbox to turn ON/OFF Smart Dimensions.

From pop-up dialog box you can select the name of already-existing Smart Dimensions configuration or through the Edit button access the Configuration window of Smart Dimensions and Create New.

Using Smart Dimensions in Shop Drawing Configurations allows you to create dimensions in Assembly Views.

2. Smart Dimensions as a separate tool

Select Smart Dimensions command, and its menu will be opened where you can find the Configurations option to create them.

Using Commands from the Smart Dimensions menu, you can go to any view and apply the selected configuration to get automatic dimensions: