• Template Project is a Revit file with Assemblies created with Smart Assemblies add-on using certain Shop Drawing Configurations.
  • Template Project feature allows users to Create Assembly with Sheet Template from Template Project.
  • It eliminates the need to create Sheet Template in every new project for every configuration.

How to set up Template Project?

In the Template Project:

  1. Create Shop Drawing Configuration.
  2. Create Smart Assembly.
  3. Drag views to the Sheet.
  4. Go to Shop Drawings Configuration.
  5. Select created sheet to be as a Sheet Template in used configuration.
  6. Save configuration and exit.

Note: You can create as many Smart Assemblies with different configurations as you need.

How to prepare for the use of Template Project in New Project?

        In the New/Current Project:

  1. Define Template Project Location.
  2. Transfer Project Standards from Template Project .
  3. Load Annotation Symbols & Legends
  4. Create new Smart Assemblies using Configurations, which were used in the Template Project.

1. Template Project Location

Browse the folder where Template Project file is stored.

Template Project file can be stored on a network server to be accessed by multiple users.

Note: We recommend to keep Template Project and Shop Drawing Configurations in the same Folder.

2. Transfer Project Standards from Template Project

This command opens Revit‘s 'Transfer Project Standards' dialog window.

Copy from will automatically change to Template Project after a few seconds.

At least 6 options must be selected: Dimension Styles, Filters, Text Types, View Reference Types, View Templates, Viewport Types. You can select more options if needed.

3. Transfer Annotations

This function will load these elements from Template Project to the Current Project:

  • Tags
  • Callout Heads
  • Section Heads
  • Section Types
  • Title blocks
  • Legends
  • Schedules

Assume you already have:

  • Template Project with Smart Assemblies and Views placed on Sheets
  • All settings transferred to New/Current Project
  • Template Project Location points to Template Project
  • Configuration Files Location points to the same configurations which were used in Template Project

How to use Sheet Template of Template Project in New/Current Project?

  • Select element in New/Current Project
  • Use Create Assembly command
  • Select Configuration that was used to create assemblies in Template Project
  • Click Create
  • Assembly will be created and Views placed on a sheet just like in the Template Project