Create Assemblies – creates Assemblies from selected elements, creates Views with dimensions automatically, and places Views on Sheets according to selected Shop Drawing Configuration.


  • Select a few Structural Columns (no need to select hosted details - they will be automatically included in the assembly)
  • Click Create Assemblies command
  • Select Configuration
  • Click Create


  • Five Assemblies have been created
  • Hosted Details are automatically included in the Assembly

  • Dimensions are created automatically 
  • Views are placed on Sheet

Auto Create Assemblies – creates Smart Assemblies according to Shop Drawing Configuration, the name of which is defined in Smart Assembly Configuration parameter.

Smart Assembly Configuration parameter is created as a shared Type parameter for all supported categories at the moment you create the first assembly in the project.

Or you can add it from the shared parameters file.

Shared parameters file can be found:

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Tools 4 Revit\SmartAssemblies1601

File Name:


Auto Create Assemblies will create Assemblies from different elements with different configurations without asking any further questions.

  • Enter Smart Assemblies configuration names inside family or in the project.
  • Select all elements that have Smart Assemblies configuration name and Mark parameter value.
  • Execute Auto Create Assemblies command

Two elements with two different configurations will be created with the help of Auto Create Assemblies