Build Log Wall


Build Log Wall – creates logs for the selected walls.

Note: By default, different log walls are the same height; to change that, create a new log wall type and link it with another configuration that will use a half log at the top and bottom.

Cut Log Walls

Cut Log Walls – cuts connected logs from selected walls. You have to select two connected walls or any two logs from connected walls, and all logs from walls will be cut.

Example: Select two connected walls or any two logs from connected walls → Cut Log Walls:

Cut Logs

Cut Logs – logs can be cut separately from other members of a log wall. You can select one or multiple logs to cut.

Set Location Marks

Set Location Marks – creates three parameters – Location Mark, Start Location Mark, End Location Mark – into logs and writes grid names where log is positioned.

Sort Logs

Sort Logs – renumbers logs according to predefined rules and writes values to FM SortMark parameter.

Calculate Log Length

Calculate Log Length – calculates and enters log length to selected or newly created parameter. 

Formula used for true log-length calculation: 

Length + Lengthen_Start_True + Lengthen_End_True Start Flange/2End Flange/2

Example: Calculated length was written into new shared parameter: